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Spreadsheet links not updating

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I assume your Excel Spread Sheet manifests itlself in Access via a linked table. GRay L, thanks for the response but that's not what I'm doing. If I open it in design mode, Goto Edit - OLE/DDE Links, I can click on the spreadsheet and click "Update Now" and the changes appear. When I open Access and open the form it still says 00. create a 'dummy' table with just one field, and set the form record source = this table.

I have no remedy for a Windows system where things are more complicated and links do not work properly.

I have an Access 2003 database (using Access 2000 file format) that contains an unbound form.

The spreadsheets are in different folders on a Network Drive with user permissions set. This was working yesterday and has been working for months.

I just do not understand because nothing has changed that I am aware of.


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